Growing suspicious of online reviews? So were we. Fakespot provides consumers with a new way of filtering product reviews to find out what real users are saying about the products you want to buy. Our proprietary technology analyzes millions of product reviews, looking for suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews. We then weed out the reviews we think are unreliable. Don’t take our word for it — You be the judge.

Step one

Copy product or business link from the Link/URL bar of your browser.

Step two

Paste the copied link of one of our supported websites into our Fakespot Analyzer tool and click Analyze Reviews.

Step three

We scan and analyze reviews & reviewers of the product or business.

And that's it!

You've just analyzed a product or service on Fakespot.

If you are interested in even faster searching, you can always give our Google Chrome Plugin a spin. We've written an article specifically on installing and using the Fakespot Chrome plugin to get you started.

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