The Fakespot Chrome plugin allows you to instantly see Fakespot grades and our adjusted rating on Amazon products, currently both on Amazon and Google.

Installing Fakespot to your Google Chrome

Installing the Fakespot plugin to your Chrome browser is really simple. You simply need to press "Add to Chome" and the plugin is added to your Chrome browser!

After installing, you will get a prompt to authorize a few permissions. We have explained why we need these permissions and what we do with them in a seperate article.

Using the plugin

When browsing Amazon, Google, or any of our other supported websites with the plugin enabled, we will automatically show a badge or box that displays the Fakespot Grade. Clicking the grade will take you to the in-depth Fakespot analysis.

There's a bunch of other great things you can do using our Plugin. You can visit more help documentation for our plugin in the Plugin support category.

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