In this article I take you through how to use our Android mobile app. Please note, we are working on updating our Android mobile app to have the same new experience as our new iOS app.

After downloading the app, we take you through a quick tutorial on how to use Fakespot on your mobile device, as the use of our apps is rather unique.


To get started on Android, first install our Fakespot for Android app.

Android does not require you to set up your action button like it does on iOS. Instead, you can immediately start using the Analyze with Fakespot from your mobile browser on any of our supported websites and their corresponding applications.

Analyzing directly from mobile browsers

To analyze any page directly from your browser, look for the three-dot icon on your mobile browser. After tapping the three-dots, look for a "Share" button, and open that option. You should see the "Analyze with Fakespot" option within your share options now!

Analyzing directly other mobile applications

To analyze from any of our supported websites' corresponding apps, you must look for the Share button(s) within their applications. The share button(s) look like this:

After tapping the share button it will prompt the share menu, where you can now find the "Analyze with Fakespot" button.

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